Get my Signature 3-Month Coaching Program in just 1 Day.


Walk away with your own  holistic life system for spending your time, energy and focus according to your values, priorities and goals,

a complete tool set up to manage your work and life and

up to 20 hours of freed up time each week to do what really matters

in your business and life.



Special Intro Offer:

$1,000 instead of $2,500

(Payment Plans available)




What's included?


Before the Day:

You fill out 2 questionnaires: One about your work style and current productivity set-up and one about your goal-achiever type. Based on these two assessments, I will prepare your Personalized Productivity Recommendations as a PDF-Report for you (you will receive it on the VIP day).


On the Day:

  • We Create your Strong Base: we clearly define your life’s priorities, mission, core values and first principles for decision making about how to spend your time, energy and focus.

  • We Set your Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) without which nothing else really matters.

  • We Design your Ideal Week based on your Goals, Priorities and Productivity Type.

  • We Analyze your Entire Workload and systematically Eliminate, Optimize, Automate and Outsource everything that does not drive high-impact to your goals and/or you don’t enjoy doing.

  • We Set up your Systems to implement everything: personal task management tool, calendar, checklist for your weekly planning routine, habit tracker and decision-making blueprint for saying “yes” vs. “no” to things

  • We Create an Action Plan to stay on track and create long-lasting change in your business and life.


We’ll plan the details (location, food, breaks, duration, special requests) together based on what works best for you. When booking your slot, you can choose a starting time that suits you best and I will reserve my entire day (open end) for you. Please plan for at least 6 hrs so you’ll get the most out of it.


After the Day:

  • You get 3 months of complimentary, exclusive E-Mail and Whatsapp Access to me to iron out details, resolve any roadblocks and keep you on track.

  • You get 1x 60-min Follow-Up Coaching Call to review your progress, tool set-up and weekly planning system, resolve any challenges and get personalized recommendations to get to the next level.

Book a call with me to discuss your goals and expectations and see if the VIP day is a fit for you (no strings attached).

Reserve your preferred date & time immediately and then pay a 20% deposit within 72 hrs to lock in the day for good.

You'll Walk 

Away With:

  • A crystal clear understanding about your most important goals and how to achieve them - based on your work and goal-achiever style

  • A holistic “operating system” for your life based on your mission, values, priorities and goals; built on powerful daily habits & effective tools to manage your work and life

  • A default template for your week (or multiple ones if you are traveling often) and a checklist to plan your week and day according to your priorities

  • A powerful blueprint for making everyday decisions on how to invest your time, energy and focus (think: “Hell Yes!” vs. “NO”)

  • An effective tool setup to manage your workload, keep you on track with your daily habits and create a clear headspace before and after your workday (and yes, we will set up your calendar and to-do list together and I have recommendations for the best tools!)

  • Up to 20 hrs of freed up time per week to work on the things that matter most to you, in your business and life

  • A step-by-step action plan to implement everything in your life and business and stay on track.

  • A summary of all key recommendations in a well-structured pdf-report.

This is Right for You If:

  • You are an entrepreneur who wears many hats. You love what you do SO much and you just can’t turn off your entrepreneurial mind & drive, and you don’t want to - it’s in your DNA; but lately you feel exhausted, frazzled and unfulfilled.

  • You find it hard to find the time to work on the things that REALLY matter to drive your business(es) forward. The things that you are incredibly good at and could do for hours at a time - but even if you’d just spend 1 hour on it, it would have tremendous impact. Still, week after week passes and you never get a chance to sit down and do them. You are too busy working IN your business instead of ON your business.

  • You have been struggling to prioritize your well-being (and other personal priorities) for years because work and other people (family, employees, investors, etc.) always come first.

  • Even though you have your own business and are financially successful, you find yourself in a hamster wheel - of your own creation. You are frustrated with constantly feeling “behind” on everything (especially the things that actually matter most) and find yourself constantly reacting to everything around you instead of proactively driving priorities. You want your business and life to work like a well-oiled machine - so that even if you step out of it for a while (to work on a new business maybe), everything runs smoothly. But somehow your to-do list just keeps growing and growing and the idea of not working for an entire week is unthinkable.

  • You know yourself and what you want. You know exactly what’s important to you in life and what you need to feel great and perform best. You are deeply mission- and values-driven. You know exactly what you need to do to get your business(es) to the next level and you also know what you need to do to take care of yourself better (otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at this offer - you’d be on Google looking for a health coach, going to a therapist or reading books on finding your purpose in life).

  • You have been meaning to say “NO” to more things and delegate more of your workload but somehow you are stuck. You don’t even know where to start - or, you have made some improvements here and there but you are not seeing the life-changing results you are looking for.

  • You are ready to upgrade your life and work in a BIG way - not only are you ready to invest money and time to get this all sorted once and for all on this VIP day but you are also committed to the necessary action steps to create long-lasting change AFTER our day together.


Special Intro Offer:

$1,000 instead of $2,500

(Payment Plans available)



Book a call with me to discuss your goals and expectations and see if the VIP day is a fit for you (no strings attached).

Reserve your preferred date & time immediately and then pay a 20% deposit within 72 hrs to lock in the day for good.

Manage yourself first,

and the rest will follow.