Signature Coaching Program

Achieve your Top Goals​ with Clarity, Confidence and Focus

- and Feel Great in the Process.

My Signature 4-Week Coaching Program is designed for individuals who want to build a life and business they are obsessed with. Together we will lay the groundwork for achieving your ambitious goals and finding the success that you truly crave in a way that feels good to YOU.

What's included:

4x Deep Coaching Sessions (60 min) to set goals, create an action plan, clear mental blocks and create your well-being and productivity system.

Unlimited E-Mail & WhatsApp Support for 30 Days


Schedule a free coaching session with me to experience coaching first-hand and see if we are a good fit.

Why Work With Me?


My Experience:

  • Coached 50+ Entrepreneurs all over the world (startup founders, famous singers, coaches and consultants and online business owners)

  • Official 500 Startups Global Mentor

  • I am not just a coach, I helped grow & exit two startups myself in C-level roles (Duriana in Kuala Lumpur and kiweno in Vienna) 

  • Bootstrapped my own online business allowing me to work from anywhere in the world (I went after my dream, now let's talk about yours.)

  • Ex-Athlete (Biathlon and Cross-Country Skiing)

  • Extensive experience in building personal brands online (content marketing, branding, social media, online marketing funnels, client acquisition on autopilot)

My Style:

  • Creating structure around things is my biggest superpower - from goal setting, creating action plans and designing your ideal week to coming up with systems for everything - I give you the necessary structure to achieve your goals.

  • Good mix of deep coaching (I ask you the questions you are not asking yourself) and direct guidance where appropriate (my expertise lies in productivity, mindset, operations, marketing and building and monetizing personal brands).

  • Very actionable. Yes, sometimes we go deep in our sessions, but I am always aiming at ending the session with a clear outcome and action steps that you can work with. 

Detailed Program Overview

  • Week 1 CLARITY: Deep coaching session (60 min) to get clear on your top-priority goals and why they matter, define the strategy, action plan, how we will track your progress and how I will hold you accountable.

  • Week 2 MINDSET: Deep coaching session (60 min) to identify and overcome your mental blocks and limiting beliefs and push through fears and self-doubt. We will do deep mindset work in the session and you will leave with a  powerful set of daily habits to transform your mindset for good.

  • Week 3 PRODUCTIVITY: Deep coaching session (60 min) to create your personal productivity system to manage your time, energy and attention effectively every day. We'll also eliminate, optimize, automate and delegate all the menial and repetitive parts of your work and life so you can claim back valuable time to do what matters most. You'll leave with a fully optimized weekly schedule, a powerful set of tools (e.g. calendar, task management, tracking tools) and habits (e.g. weekly planning, daily planning, time blocking).

  • Week 4 WELL-BEING: Deep coaching session (60 min) to create your personal well-being system so your body, mind and soul feels great while going after your goals. You'll leave with a powerful toolkit to feel your best every day and a set of emergency techniques for getting back to feeling great fast when you are down.

  • Unlimited E-Mail & WhatsApp Support: During the entire duration of the program, you have full access to my via Email and WhatsApp (Monday to Friday) for questions and additional support in between sessions.

Let's Talk!

Schedule a free coaching session with me to experience coaching first-hand and see if we are a good fit.