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Unwavering Focus. Unshakable Confidence. Incredible Self-Awareness.

My High-Performance Coaching Program for Startup Founders is designed to create the necessary clarity to focus on what matters every day, grow your company with unshakable confidence and eliminate blind spots in decision making & leadership style.

I am working with founders all over the world in 1-on-1 virtual coaching sessions.


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Experience coaching with me first-hand through a first free coaching session,

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Why Work With Me?


My Experience:

  • Coached 50+ Startup Founders all over the world

  • Official 500 Startups Global Mentor

  • I am not just a coach, I helped grow & exit two startups myself (Duriana in Kuala Lumpur and kiweno in Vienna)

  • Bootstrapped my own online business allowing me to work from anywhere in the world (I went after my dream, now let's talk about yours.)




"I have enjoyed having Liz in my corner from an accountability perspective. She is in-tune with best practices and has been able to drive me from a mental standpoint, effectively getting me out of my own head. Building a startup is challenging and I recognized the value of having a clear mind which is tough for me at times. Accountability also helps coming from someone that doesn't have an agenda that may run counter to mine (i.e. investors, co-founders, etc)." 

- Thor Wood, Co-Founder & CEO of SNAPSHYFT

"Liz has been so great to help me stay focused and keep my priorities straight. She asks me the questions that I'm too afraid to even think about and then drives me to answer them and resolve those concerns. I have changed the way I schedule and have shifted my focus. There is no doubt in my mind that my ulcers have benefited from talking to her! I've laughed and cried with Liz and she has been incredibly helpful overall. Grateful for knowing her and I would give her recommendations all day long--as I am writing this I am in the throws of the busiest week of the entire 500 startups program! Hope that helps show how much she has helped me."

- Zack Oates, Co-Founder & CEO of Ovation

Experience coaching with me first-hand through a first free coaching session,

no strings attached.

My High-Performance Coaching Approach: 

The 5 Cs

  • CLARITY: Get clear on the top-priority goals and why they matter, define the strategy, action steps, and success criteria.

  • COMMITMENT: Be held accountable and stay on track through regular check-in calls where we’ll review your progress, plan & prioritize your workload and resolve bottlenecks and challenges. Learn how to hold your team accountable and build a results-oriented culture.

  • CONFIDENCE: Push through fears, mental blocks, and self-doubt and build the confidence it takes to achieve your ambitious goal through deep mindset work and powerful daily habits.

  • CONCENTRATION: Manage your time, energy and attention effectively so you can focus on what matters most. Eliminate, optimize, automate and delegate all the menial and repetitive parts of your work and life so you can claim back valuable time.

  • COMMUNICATION: Communicate your vision and top goals from the management level all the way to each employee and create a clear line of sight where each employee's top goals are 100% aligned with the companies priorities. 

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Experience coaching with me first-hand through a first free coaching session,

no strings attached.

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